“Without financial help from To The Bridge,” says Jack, “I would’ve lost my belongings in storage, left my children without necessities, or been forced to move back to an alcoholic household.”

For Jack and others recovering from addiction, our support was the bridge.

“I want you to know how much it means to me to be in a sober environment,” he says. “Without this fund it would not have been possible.”

Your gift today can be the bridge to more support for someone in recovery, opening doors to new opportunities in education, work, housing, and more.

Host or Play a Benefit Show
With the support of great local acts, we have held several benefit shows to raise funds and awareness by educating the community about the reality of addiction and how to find support. All funds raised at benefit shows go to causes that meet TTBF’s mission and help young people find their path from treatment to sober, independent living.

Interested? Contact us to discuss the possibilities, whether it’s an in-person show down the line or a virtual event sometime soon.

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